Welcome to the MedTech Network Cooperative


Local Network Partners are

Serving Customers

With common high standing quality and service

  • Provide high standing products and services of a to the MedTech industry worldwide
  • Combine the advantages of local SMEs with global availability of all products
  • Everyone speakts the language of the Customer

All products available worldwide

  • Customers choose the best product from within the Network
  • It will be produced to the agreed standards by the Member who best suits the Customers.

Service of the local Member of the Network

  • Fast and direct interaction between the customer and his trusted network member.
  • No slowing down or dilution of information through costly overhead.
  • The client keeps the wheel in his hand.
TEAM Success

Benefits to the Customers

  • One key partner for the customer on global level Ease of doing business on local level.
  • SMEs best understand local language /culture and therefore the needs of customers’ local units.
  • Customers decide what to handle on global level and what to manage directly with the local SME.

Added value services:

  • “One-stop shop” with complete range of compatible products and services
  • Global Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
  • Local storage and JIT supply


  • Speed and power of innovation through global collaboration of Members
  • Proximity to customers allows to understand and address the real needs

Lean Organization

  • Lean network organization keeps up efficiency and effectiveness
  • No costly overhead thanks to Cooperative structure

Range of Products

  • Currently, our core competencies are in the area of rigid packaging for MedTech products and the machines required for this.
  • Other product segments will be added gradually, provided they enable the network to create added value for its customers.

Rigid Trays & Blister Packs

  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Trays and Blisters
  • Transport Pack Carrier Trays


  • Peelable Pouches
  • Tubular Pouches

Packaging Machines for Clean Room

  • Heat Sealing machines
  • Cylinder Punch Machines

Sealing Lid & Cut


Contract packaging


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our Key Values

  • Each Member, who adds value to a project or business, is entitled to his fair share of profit from it
  • As in each Cooperative, each Member has equal rights
  • Trust is one of the key values in the Network
  • Each Member remains fully independent
  • The network overhead must remain lean

Members’ Benefits

  • Possibility to develop business with multinational customers, without need of capital investment in other markets -> Market expansion
  • Option to manufacture and deliver products on behalf of other Member -> Volume increase
  • Close collaboration with other Members in:
    • Producing / delivering products
    • Marketing on global level
    • Sourcing