Value Creation for Customers

The MedTech Network intends to provide to its Customers competitive advantages in their markets.

We achieve this in combining the strengths of a multinational group with those of its agile local partners, in providing:
  • Ease of doing business on local level, combined with globally applied standards and agreements, where needed
  • Stability, reliability and responsiveness of gown partnerships
  • Disaster Recovery Plan can be applied across Network
  • Speed and power of innovation which can be rolled out globally
  • Local match (language and culture) ensures optimal collaboration
  • Horsepower of a global packaging company combined with the flexibility, focused know-how, and agility of a local supplier
How the network functions

The Network adapts to the customer

  • The customer determines what is done on the corporate level and which decisions and processes are running between the local units of both the customer and the network.
  • The Network assures that the information flows in an optimal way between its members, in order to best serve the customers.
  • Overhead of the Network is extremely small, therefore it can be very agile.
  • The pricing to the customer is the same, whether the business is executed directly or via the network. Therefore there is no risk of markup.