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The MedTech Network Approach


We’re a Global Network of independent players, delivering the highest quality products, services and expertise to MedTech customers in their local markets.

Our members are privately owned, customer centric companies, all sharing the same high commitment and dedication to their customers.

A snapshot of our members:

  • Primarily are SMEs, with robust track records in delivering exceptional service within the MedTech Industry within their local market.
  • Value collaboration as equals and recognise the strength of combined efforts.
  • Strive to add value to their customers, demonstrating a commitment in excellence with everything they do.


Clearly set and enforced rules

  • Presenting “one face” to the customer: Whenever feasible, we aim to present a unified and consistent interaction to the customer, following the Key Account Management (KAM) approach.
  • Equitable Value Sharing: We firmly believe that those who contribute value are rightfully deserving of a proportionate share in the profits.
  • Value Addition: Our foremost commitment lies in creating and delivering value in alignment with the customer’s needs and preferences.
  • Technical Support: in order to provide the customer with their specified products and services within the optimum time period and cost-effectively.
TEAM Success

Collaborate with like-minded businesses

Collaboration between members is also encouraged in other business-related areas such as:

  • Marketing and Communications
  • Sourcing
  • Innovation

Join the MedTech network, we are open to new qualified Members. If you would like to find out more about joining the MedTech Network, contact us today and let’s start the conversation

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