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For the time being, most products are addressing the Medical Packaging sector

Rigid Trays & Blister Packs

Diverse range of products provide for all your packaging needs which are guaranteed to meet the demanding requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical markets.
The package is an integral part of your product. Functionality, user-friendliness and feasibility of production are very important. Employing rapid prototyping methods and the existing 3D CAD data, can be quickly generate real samples using the actual materials.
The 3D CAD data are also used in modern tool making facilities to create tools for series production, such as thermoforming and punching tools, as well as sealing tools.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Trays and Blisters

Custom thermoform Packaging Solutions that provide superior quality and protection. A wide range of standard or custom sterile and non-sterile, single and double barrier medical device packaging systems can be offered. Medical trays and blisters can be made in ISO class 7 or 8 cleanrooms certified to ISO 13485.

Transport Pack Carrier Trays

With the standard blister pack carriers, small parts can be stored safely and transported protected from damage. All versions can be closed dust-tight with a transparent snap-on lid and are stackable. In addition, they can be hermetically sealed with a transparent film and thus receive a first-opening guarantee.

The FIX TRAY blister pack carrier is especially suitable for transporting pointed and sharp-edged products. The MEDPUR material is extremely pierce-resistant and there is no abrasion.


Sterilisation pouches made of PA-6, tubular pouches made of PE, protective pouches made of PA/PE, peelable Tyvek® or PA/PE pouches with a chevron seam, peelable clean room pouches made of compound foil, and gas-tight aluminium pouches.

Peelable Pouches

Medical pouches made of transparent PA/PE can be used especially as vacuum sealed peelable pouches for packaging implants, can be sterilised by gamma irradiation.
Tyvek®/foil peelable pouches can be sterilised by ethylene oxide gas and gamma irradiation.
Aluminium laminated pouches for medical and pharmaceutical products which must be protected against the effects of light and humidity. Products can be kept moist during transportation or storage.

Tubular Pouches

PA-6 or PE tubular pouches are produced in the cleanest of conditions.
PA/PE protective pouches can be vacuum sealed but are not peelable.
The pouches manufactured in the cleanest of conditions.


Heat Sealing Machines

Cleanroom sealing machines in the model range MEDIPACKER TS are for medical device and pharmaceutical thermoformed blisters and trays. The range of machines offers a large variety of options, so they can deliver most of what you would expect of a universal packaging machine that offers rapid tool change. They are extremely compact and are very easy to operate.
All machines can be qualified (DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ

Cylinder Punch Machines

The cylinder punch machine Type ZSM 40 efficiently punches out packages or foils using an economical steel rule die.
First the sheet of multiples is sealed in a heat-sealing machine, and then (also outside the clean room) punched out by this cylinder punch machine. This ingenious but very simple system makes it possible to efficiently package small items in large numbers and save costs. The result is perfect packages!

Sealing Lid, Print & Cut

Sealing lid material can be multi-colour printed or unprinted, die-cut to any shape required. These materials are compatible with common sterilization methods such as ethylene oxide (ETO), gamma, beta (e-beam) and steam.

You will be advised which sealing lid material best suits your total packaging needs after looking at the complete supply chain. We will also take care of the required cutting knife drawings for your products and will test the complete solution on your sealing tools. We can supply a range of seal and material combinations to meet specialist product requirements.

Contract Packaging

Sterile or unsterile products are packed in pouches or blisters, boxed in a clean room, and prepared for external sterilisation. This is all done with great care in validated processes in a class 7 clean room (ISO 14644-1). Services range from a 100% incoming inspection, label printing, rinsing with highly purified water (HPW) in automated cleaning and rinsing machines according to Ph.Eur.6, assembly and sealing, to applying the labels.
In addition we will also organise external sterilisation for you, and support you in the validation of the entire packaging and sterilisation process.

Thermoforming Films

In order to meet the ever more stringent requirements in terms of the cleanliness, production conditions and traceability of raw materials, a production of PETG film was started in a clean room under controlled conditions.
With the specialisation in the use of PETG will greatly improve product quality as there are no foreign particles in the system, thus ensuring complete line clearance.
The most important elements of the extrusion process are automated so that even small ultra-high-quality production runs to the tightest tolerance margins are possible. In order to protect the PETG film from contamination, the process runs under controlled conditions in a clean-room cabin.